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Pool Pump Repair & Service

Pool Pump Repair Canoga Park

Superior Pool Pump Repair & Service in Canoga Park

SPEAR Can Cure Your Pool’s Pump Problems!

The pump circulates water around the swimming pool keeping it clean and helps properly distribute the necessary chemicals to keep your pool or hot tub clear and sparkling! A pool pump motor that is not operating correctly can impact the enjoyment that you have with your pool or hot tub.

We can also determine if you’re using the right type of pump for your pool. An improperly-sized pump can damage other pool equipment and can lead to excessive energy bills. Having the right pool pump for the job is one of the most important aspects of swimming pool maintenance.

Taking care of your pool’s pump is one of the most crucial parts of pool maintenance. The pump/motor are essentially the heart of your pool and keep the whole system moving and functioning properly. In some instances of severe damage or issues complete replacements are required which can become extremely costly when left to contractors just looking to make as much money as possible. Canoga Park residents looking for pool pump replacements and repairs have trusted SPEAR for over three decades as our commitment to customer service and honest work always ensure your satisfaction comes first.

Improving Energy Efficiency

Pool Pump


You don’t need a broken pool pump to decide its time for a new one; in fact, more and more homeowners are choosing pool pump replacements that help improve the energy efficiency of their pool system. Running the pool all summer can have a huge impact on the energy bill each month and having a new pool pump installed by a SPEAR contractor is a great way to help you save more each month.

If you’re still uncertain about the cost please ask one of our friendly staff members about the DWP Pool Pump rebate. Designed to help you make the switch to a more energy efficient pool pump, this rebate entitles you to a percentage back after installation making it even more worth your while.

The Latest Selection Of Products

If you are looking into a replacement pool pump SPEAR provides you with the most popular brands and types of equipment so that you can get what you’re looking for from your pool. We offer a wide selection including:

  • Single-speed, two-speed and variable-speed pumps
  • Sand, DE and cartridge filters
  • Heat pumps, solar systems and gas heaters

Depending on your goals and your budget there’s sure to be something that suits your home’s needs and yours.

If you’re in Canoga Park, CA or the nearby areas please call SPEAR today. We’re here to help with any questions you may have or to help get you a quote.

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