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Pool Pump Repair Northridge

Exceptional Pool Pump Repair in Northridge

Improving Energy Efficiency Throughout Your Home

Your home’s energy bill can get pretty expensive especially in the summer months. Running the A/C inside and keeping your pool on and ready to use are both costly luxuries that homeowners are looking to cut down on without sacrificing their family’s comforts. Fortunately one area it’s possible to improve your pool’s energy efficiency is having a replacement pool pump installed. For decades SPEAR in Northridge, CA have given residents expert pool pump installation services to help improve their pool’s energy efficiency.

The Perks Of Pool Pump Replacement

Choosing a new pool pump may seem like it won’t be worth the costs but the contractors at SPEAR will help you benefit with the DWP Pool Pump Rebate. With each pool pump installation of an energy efficient pool pump, you can benefit with a rebate on part or all of the material’s cost.

The contractors at SPEAR also offer much more than just installation services, if your pool pump is damaged or improperly working we also offer full pool pump repairs. Whether it’s:

  • Pool pump leaking water
  • The motor is not working or turns off
  • Motor/Pump making loud noises
  • Motor/Pump is sucking in air

Our contractors are here to help repair your pool pump as quickly as possible before any further damages can occur.

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Northridge residents have trusted SPEAR for decades with the care and maintenance of their pool and for good reason. Our commitment to customer service remains unwavering and we always work to make sure that whether it’s a pool pump repair or completely new pool pump replacement your satisfaction is guaranteed. Call us today for a quote or to speak with one of our contractors with any questions you may have regarding the DWP Pool Pump Rebate or our additional services.

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